Business units

Capital Markets Services

Capital Markets Services is responsible for the creation and revaluation of securities such as shares, bonds and options on the market. We provide many global custody services all over the world. Capital markets play a crucial role in the creation of new jobs, financing of research and development, education and healthcare.

Cash Management Customer Service

Cash Management Customer Service ensures that Nordea customers have access to Internet banking services. In addition to giving our employees knowledge about the applications used in Nordea, we provide them with the opportunity to “build bridges” by connecting our systems with the financial systems of our customers. This is a new department in Łódź, and all the solutions that we develop are truly our own. Our priority is the development of each employee, which we achieve by setting a career path based on the needs and skills. We cultivate teamwork, while at the same time understanding the value of each person within a group. We create a unique atmosphere which cannot be found anywhere else.

Cash Management Operations

In Cash Management Operations we are operating and supporting Nordic Customers payments. We are dealing with international and domestic payments, conducting investigations concerning these transactions and doing reconciliation of Nostro and some internal accounts. Furthermore we are responsible for the Loro Account Management services towards the Banking customers for their Nordic Cash relation with Nordea. A key driver for our success is Customer’s satisfaction achieved by preserving the highest quality and efficiency in the daily work. We are servicing all customer segments and have thereby a broad cooperation with stakeholders within Nordea.



FATCA/CRS Processing

FATCA /CRS Processing is a part of Nordea’s Know Your Customer, created to strengthen anti-money laundering and anti-tax evasion. Our main goal is to fulfill legal provisions of FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and CRS (Common Reporting Standard) acts. Working in line with the Nordea values and principles of the Operational Excellence, we prevent and combat financial crime.


Nordea Cards is responsible for all card-related services like Issuing of Consumer and Commercial Cards together with all related services and mobile payments in Nordea. Our vision is to be the leading provider of card services, acknowledged for our people, creating superior value for customers and shareholders.

HR Services

HR Services Poland is a centralised unit that serves many business processes within the Nordea HR Group. We provide support in areas such as recruitment, management of the organisational structure, training, human resources, payroll and financial reporting. We are in daily contact with employees from all over Nordea. As a result, every day we are able to live the ideals of our company, embodied in our values “It’s all about the people” and “One Nordea team.”

IT Capital Markets

IT Capital Markets is a team of specialists who develop software responsible for the functioning, monitoring and reporting of an investment bank. We want to be the best in the market, and therefore we use the latest and the fastest information technologies available.

Know Your Customer (KYC) Processing

In the KYC Processing unit we are responsible for introducing and updating Nordea customers’ data. We take care that all required data are entered into the systems on time and in compliance with the policy regarding protection of personal data. We are working according to highest ethical standards fulfilling legislative obligations of the bank in relation to the identification of customers.


Nordea Finance

Nordea Finance is a department that deals with the financing of investments, improving cash flow and reducing costs while increasing sales. Leasing, hire purchase, factoring, instalment and retail sales are among the things that this branch deals with.  At Nordea Finance, youth meets experience, resulting in development and outstanding performance.


Operations is the biggest department and it is still rapidly developing. We provide banking services for retail customers and companies, and we value diversity and creativity. It is the employees of this department who create the organisational culture and, together with the management staff, oversee the changes and growth within the company.

Robotics Centre of Excellence

Robotics Centre of Excellence handles business process automation, from process analysis and documentation through robot configuration and testing to process control and maintenance in production. In parallel to this, we are responsible for the full scope of tasks related to RPA, e.g. methodology management, cooperation with IT, Legal or Risk departments as well as external providers. While continuously improving our daily performance, we’re at the same time looking into the future by analysing available technologies and their applicability in Nordea.

Operations Centre in Estonia

Nordea Operations Centre Estonia is a part of the Nordea Group, the leading financial institution in Nordic countries. We were established in January 2016 with the purpose of performing services for the Nordic business areas in Nordea, especially in the languages they speak. Our role includes process support, call centre services development and continuous improvement of business methods in order to provide services of the highest quality.


In Nordea Operations Centre we service Nordea business units. We provide the highest quality in the servicing of internal processes. We also enable the functioning of our operations centre at the highest level. Find out what we exactly do in Nordea Operations Centre.

We support Nordea on following: Customer Support 24/7 for Finnish market and as back-office side we support on Housing Loans, Corporate Loans, Estates & Authorities, Factoring  and Financial Plan. We provide our service in Finnish, Swedish and English.

We offer great working environment in the city center of Tallinn with interesting job tasks, good benefits and of course, with multinational wonderful team.

Sanctions Screening Unit Processing Poland

The main task of Sanctions Screening Unit Processing Poland is to support protecting Nordea against financial crime, especially by counteracting money laundering, the financing of terrorism and Internet fraud. Sanctions Screening Processing Poland ensures the highest level of safety and transparency for the transactions of Nordea’s customers.

Group Procurement

Group Procurement is responsible for purchasing goods and services for Nordea Group.

Group Procurement is responsible for supporting business partners throughout Nordea to reach their targets by providing knowledge, experience and specialized tools in order to optimize costs. The success is measured by the results achieved together with business partners and the level of their satisfaction. The main activities are:

  • Executing sourcing projects to find the best suppliers
  • Driving contract negotiations with suppliers
  • Supporting the implementation and realisation of supplier contracts
  • Service accounting and payment of invoices from suppliers