Become a digital Viking and win up to 8,000 PLN

16 April 2019

Are you a Java enthusiast? Want to make a difference in the banking industry? Help build first Viking’s cash machine, wander chambers of the far north and take part in fish hunting – you can win 8,000 PLN and open the possibility of joining Nordea.

In Nordea, we are transforming into the bank of the future – bringing innovative solutions to our customers and communities we operate in. Join us on the road to the future by taking part in the first Nordea Java Challenge.

The coding challenge is an online competition which includes 3 coding tests. It is open until 11th July and the prizes are as follows:


  • First place: 8,000 PLN in cash
  • Second place: 5,000 PLN in cash
  • Third place: 2,000 PLN in cash

Show off your talent and open the possibility of joining Nordea! Click HERE to participate in the challenge.

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