About us


"Nordea Operations Centre gives me a chance to develop my two passions: working and singing"

Justyna Krzyczmanik , business process officer

The most important thing about my work is that it gives me the opportunity to balance my interests and my everyday responsibilities. I’m a singer, and my first love is music. In the beginning I was concerned that working in a corporation would influence the possibility to develop my passion. Combining banking with singing seemed impossible to me. However, Nordea Operations Centre has allowed me to use my skills in a completely new way.

My colleagues and I have developed a unique training programme for public speaking. My colleagues and managers encouraged me to share my experience and knowledge. I was very surprised by their interest. During our training sessions I explain proper breathing techniques, voice modulation, diction and microphone use. I also share tips on how to overcome the stress of public speaking. I am happy to say that working at Nordea Operations Centre has allowed me to combine my love for singing with my work.



"Thanks to the clear goals and opportunities provided by Nordea Operations Centre, I’m pursuing a new career path"

Bartosz Sosiński , junior team coordinator

My story with Nordea Operations Centre started in August 2012, working as junior specialist in a team dealing with cheques. At the time I was really surprised that this form of payment was still so popular. At the same time I was finishing the last year of my studies in economics at the University of Łódź. At first I was concerned that I would be unable to combine full-time studies with a full-time job. As it turned out, my worries were unfounded because, through careful planning, I was able to balance these two responsibilities. Additionally, working at Nordea was a great source of inspiration for my master's thesis. I wrote about the role that cheques play today in international financial settlements. Thanks to hard work and the clear goals and opportunities provided by Nordea Operations Centre, I’m pursuing a new career path. I’m currently learning about other areas of the bank’s activity and I’m learning about team management from the best. I hope to see you one day in Nordea!



“I feel like an important part of a big company”

Bartłomiej Jaros , team coordinator

I started working for Nordea in June 2011. I initially worked in Nordea Bank Polska in the Monitoring Team of the Credit Service Department. After a year I was transferred to Nordea Operations Centre. I started as a junior specialist. I worked on the migration of business processes from Sweden and Finland to Poland. Thanks to my involvement in many projects, I was able to learn about the Lean methodology. Our organisation is developing quickly, and I feel that I’m actively contributing to this growth. In 2014 I was promoted to team coordinator, and I am currently managing a team that deals with Danish credit cards. What do I like most about Nordea? - the friendly atmosphere, openness to feedback and the opportunity to start completely new projects. All of this makes me feel like an important part of Nordea.



“What we do every day at work can have an effect on world events”

Anna Worach , process officer

When I started working at Nordea Operations Centre, I didn’t know that I would have the chance to create completely new business processes, thereby contributing to global security. Working in a back office was not something that I had planned, but I simply could not ignore all the praise that my friends had for Nordea. After a successful interview, I was given a leadership position in a team involved in efforts against money laundering. Even though we might not be aware of it, what we do every day at work can have an effect on world events. I'm very happy that our efforts have an impact on international security, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility.