About us


“Working with people motivates me to meet everyday challenges”

Dominik Jarzyński , team leader

I started at Nordea fairly recently. However, I have been familiar with Nordea’s corporate culture for some years. Previously I have worked for Nordea Bank Polska as a credit adviser and then as branch manager. I started working in Nordea Operations Centre in January 2015 and I immediately felt at home. I’m manager of a team responsible for capital market products. Working with people motivates me to meet everyday challenges, and it is a constant source of enriching experiences. Because a manager’s job is all about working with other people, it is my colleagues that inspire my work. Also, working at Nordea Operations Centre has allowed me to maintain a healthy balance between my work and my family. And because Nordea is a great supporter of physical exercise and sports, it has also allowed me to pursue some of my other interests, such as basketball, cycling and running. If you value finding a balance between your professional and private life, you should consider joining us.



"Thanks to the clear goals and opportunities provided by Nordea Operations Centre, I’m pursuing a new career path"

Bartosz Sosiński , junior team coordinator

My story with Nordea Operations Centre started in August 2012, working as junior specialist in a team dealing with cheques. At the time I was really surprised that this form of payment was still so popular. At the same time I was finishing the last year of my studies in economics at the University of Łódź. At first I was concerned that I would be unable to combine full-time studies with a full-time job. As it turned out, my worries were unfounded because, through careful planning, I was able to balance these two responsibilities. Additionally, working at Nordea was a great source of inspiration for my master's thesis. I wrote about the role that cheques play today in international financial settlements. Thanks to hard work and the clear goals and opportunities provided by Nordea Operations Centre, I’m pursuing a new career path. I’m currently learning about other areas of the bank’s activity and I’m learning about team management from the best. I hope to see you one day in Nordea!



“In our company, the employees set the tone”

Magdalena Ciesielska , process officer

This is what separates Nordea Operations Centre from other corporations. Our daily work is determined, not only by Nordea’s universal values, which are with us at each step, but also by the possibility of setting and fulfilling our own goals in the projects.

For a long time I have participated in the Nordea Operations Centre Tour – an initiative which aims to establish a dialogue between us and our partners in Nordic countries.

My duties include giving presentations to visitors from Nordic countries about our current state, accomplishments and team goals. I always ensure that there is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Having the opportunity to personally be in touch with our Nordic managers is very rewarding. It gives me the feeling of my personal contribution to the operations of the whole company.



“Everything is possible here”

Tomasz Oborski , sourcing manager

I started to work in Nordea Operations Centre in October 2011 in the IT Sourcing – Consultant Procurement team. I dealt with the drawing up of contracts for consultancy services, the administration of the database and everyday contacts with service providers. After a year I decided to move to the team that works with the administration of an e–purchase platform. The complexity of the tasks increased with time, and I was promoted to the position of sourcing specialist. During my projects, I supported various types of purchases, by doing things like preparing requests for proposals and sending them to the potential suppliers of the Nordea Group. Since June 2015 I have worked as a sourcing manager in the Category Support team. I’m currently conducting my own purchasing projects for the Nordea Group, and I help Nordea Operations Centre with local purchasing projects. Nordea creates development opportunities, is open to dialogue and new ideas and cares about the well-being of its employees.