Business analysis

  1. We are experts in translating concepts of new services and products into technical requirements.
  2. We carry out business and technical analyses.
  3. We provide advice to teams working on various projects.
  4. This area requires experienced informaticians who have a broad knowledge in banking business specificity.

Development of IT applications and systems

  1. We provide solutions and support projects in Baltic and Nordic States.
  2. We use the recent universal standards, agile techniques and methodologies.
  3. We use the skills of analysts, software engineers, designers and architects.
  4. We support the professional development of our co-workers with the use of clearly defined career paths.

Securing good care for software quality

  1. We manage the process of integrating changes in software provided by teams who work in parallel.
  2. We verify the veracity and performance of subsequent software releases, carrying out functionality and performance tests and preparing final installation versions.
  3. We optimise applications, improving their performance and eliminating operating errors.

Administration and maintenance of application systems

  1. We monitor systems, administer applications, care for the virtual environment and ensure that systems perform well.
  2. We are specialists who are driven by a combination of knowledge and competence to solve problems efficiently.
  3. We deal with many technologies, from TELCO systems through to data centre management.
  4. We are one team.

Management of IT projects and processes

  1. This area is the domain of project managers. We apply the latest project management methodologies and contribute to the making of the design culture in the Nordea Group.
  2. We manage the project portfolio, participate in strategic projects and share knowledge as a centre of excellence.
  3. We measure, model and streamline processes.

IT planning and strategy

  1. Our areas of competence are diversified: from technical connected with security to organisational enabling the efficient putting into effect of architectural processes and IT purchases.
  2. We understand well how important IT is for the success of the Nordea Group and we have ability to provide solutions supporting the implementation of the organisation’s strategies.
  3. We value openness and a curiosity of the world.