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"In Nordea, we try to comply with the work-life balance rule”

Jarosław Gregorowicz, IT Manager

I think that the greatest value of Nordea is its organisational culture, which is based on the Nordic culture. It enables us to develop our skills and knowledge. Another great asset is a real pleasure of working together with pleasant people. In Nordea we try to comply with the work-life balance rule. We encourage our employees to spend their leisure time actively and we can serve as an example of this.
When I decided to make my first attempt at diving, I discovered that this sport enables you to get to know yourself and your limits. When you dive, you may well find yourself in an extreme situation with the opportunity to prove yourself and develop your teamwork skills as you never dive alone but always with another person or a group. This moulds your character and you may see where your actual limits are.

Red Sea,
a depth of 25 m

"Nordea encourages everyone to start sailing”

Marek Budzisz, Senior network specialist

I used to be a competitive sportsman and this passion has stayed with me since my younger years. The Nordea Sail Race in Puck was organised in 2015 for the fifth time. The idea is to invite not only those who know how to sail but also those who have never had any contact with water sports in their lives. Nordea encourages everyone to start sailing.
Some people in Nordea are very good sailors but the majority sails only recreationally. What is important is that some of us have become so committed that they managed to obtain sailing licences. Today, they sail on their own, while five years ago they feared how they would make it out in the Bay of Gdańsk.

25 boats participating in the regatta
25 boats participating in the regatta

"I am a student and the company supports me in my studies”

Magdalena Święcicka, Accountant

At Nordea I have worked in the accounting department since 2013. One can say that I am a middle-person between IT employees and the accounting department. We have access to all the additional benefits offered by our employer. Medical packages save us a lot of time. We can make an appointment and do not have to wait in long lines to see a doctor. It is a great thing to have a sports card too. The money I have to pay for having access to a wide range of sports facilities is symbolic. I was also given the possibility of attending an external course on my own initiative. I am a student and the company supports me very much in my studies.

I love riding a bicycle and I am just mad about this. Sometimes, after work I ride even a few dozen kilometres on my bike.

Cycling to work

"This is the first time I have the opportunity to work in a company in which there is such a good atmosphere”

Witosław Wolański, Senior IT architect

Nordea offers an attractive non-pay budget and I can decide for myself how I can use it. The company does not impose anything upon me and I have the right of choice, which I appreciate very much. The medical package also offers me a number of options. The medical care may also cover my family. This is what makes it very attractive.
In the past I worked for both state-owned and private companies. This is the first time I have had the opportunity to work for a company being so friendly to its employees and with such a good atmosphere. Nordic people have a very good attitude to work. Work is an asset which should be appreciated but it is not the only thing of value in life. In what atmosphere you work plays an enormous role and Nordea makes sure that all this is balanced.

I love to run
I love to run


Employees of Nordea IT often commit themselves in social initiatives, including charitable activities. Willingness to help others gave rise to the action We Help Others, which involves fundraising and the collection of gifts, amongst others, for children from the Childcare Home in Sopot, children hospitalised in the Oncology Department of the Gdańsk Medical University and children from St. Laurence Hospice in Gdynia. However, not all our activities focus on children. We also support adults by organising necessary medical equipment for those in need, helping fundraising in aid of the sick and disabled, and redecorating poor people’s flats as part of the One Nordea Day action.


Purchase of medical equipment

Preparation and donation of medical equipment to those in need.

Charity action „School”

Donation of school supplies to 31 children from 15 families in need.


Charity action in Africa

Donation of computers and school supplies to a school in Diema.